I’ve been giving this some thought for a while. It’s a preemptive idea. Are there steps you can take if you don’t have bed bugs, that would stop an infestation before it got started if a bed bug enters your home.

Among pest control people there are different opinions about isolating your bed during your infestation. But let’s look at this from a different point of view. What if (a BIG what-if, I know, but hypothetically, go with me) every bed was isolated from the wall and legs are in ClimbUp Monitors (yes, I’m an affiliate, but still). Then let’s just say a bed bug finds its way into your home and bedroom. That one singular bed bug would not be able to feed on you in bed, making its life much more complicated. Now it has to find you on the sofa or a chair, but it also has to survive long enough to do so. It’s chances for survival (if you employ a couple of tricks like doing the soap/DE/Alcohol mix under an area rug, where they would love to hide) go way down, and if it comes in contact with the DE mix, it’s going to die in about 10 days.

The DE mix came from a blog and I used this after my residuals wore off (about a year and a half now) around my baseboards and under my area rug. The soap (just dish soap) makes the DE stick as it’s in a spray bottle of soap and alcohol. It doesn’t fluff up under my carpet and I only applied it to the carpet binding around the entire base of the carpet. Carpet tape? Not sure what you call it. But any bug that decides under the carpet is a nice place to hide is going to make contact with that dried mixture. Let me say once again – DO NOT PUT DE ON FURNITURE/SOFAS/CHAIRS/OR YOUR BED. You do not want to inhale it.

If you have the legs of your bed in ClimbUp Monitors you now have an early warning system. Any bed bug in your house will try to get into your bed. 100% they are going to try because that’s what they do. They eat and reproduce, and with the ClimbUp they would get stuck in the cup portion and would be unable to escape. Now you have two protective measures to keep bed bugs from getting to you if one gets in your home.

What do you think?