Using a Bed Bug Oven

The portable bed bug heater can change your bed bug experience from frantic to in-control. In just a couple of hours, it safely kills all bed bugs and bed bug eggs without pesticides, in:

  • Car seats and booster seats for children
  • Shoes/Boots/Jackets/Coats
  • Purses/Backpacks/Luggage
  • Papers/Books/Folders/Photos/Paintings (heating books and photos may affect the glue and dry paper out, but if you monitor the temperature and time you can minimize damage)
  • Sleeping Bags, cardboard, games
  • Pillows/Cushions/Comforters
  • Chairs (size of heater of course is important here)
  • Stuffed Animals/Toys that cannot be washed
  • Kills bed bugs in vinyl album record jackets and CD Cases (CD’s can be washed and heating can affect their performance – experience speaking)





Disclaimer: YOU WON’T ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO WATCH THEM DIE in the heater because it will be zipped closed so it stays hot enough. But you may see dead or dried up bed bugs when you are done. Be prepared, it’s unnerving to come face to face with them, even when they’re dead. But it’s much more satisfying than when they are alive!



How to Use a Bed Bug Heater

The bed bug oven allows you to leave your house knowing your objects have no bed bugs on them. After bed bugs, it allows you to go antique, garage sale and thrift shopping with confidence you can heat your purchases and they will be bed bug-free. Read and follow all manufacturer or other instructions that come with your heater. ** HEAT CAN ALTER OR DAMAGE SOME ITEMS. IT CAN MELT OR LOOSEN GLUE, DRY PAPER, ETC.

The bed bug heater is a container big enough to hold something the size of standard airline carry-on or larger.The heater may be attached to the outside of the oven or inside with a wire grate to allow air to circulate under and around your stuff.

Examples are the middle of a folded blanket, the middle of a closed book, the middle of a bag of stuffed animals. You want the tip of the thermostat placed in the part of your things that will take the longest to heat to the killing temperature of 115-120.

Bed bug eggs require at least an hour at 120 to die. So no matter what, when the temperature reaches 115, you’ve got an hour from that point. Most heaters include a timer so you can

The PackTite™ is lightweight at less than 20 lbs, and portable. When set up it is large enough to hold and heat a standard luggage carry-on at approximately 3 foot long x 1 1/2 feet wide. This means you could even fit most sofa cushions in thePackTite™; however, it is important to monitor the temperature carefully, as overstuffed items, such as decorator pillows and seat cushions could take up to 4 hours or longer to reach temperatures lethal to bed bugs.


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The PackTite™ comes with a thermostat you can read from the outside of the unit and a timer. The thermostat cord goes into the middle of what you are heating so the core temperature can be monitored.

It is important that the entire contents of the PackTite™ reach the desired temperature to be effective.

If you put books into the PackTite™, the thermostat cord would go into the middle of a book to ensure even and complete heating of objects.