Isolating Your Bed

Taking these steps as soon as you suspect an infestation “could” stop it in it’s tracks!

Whether and when to isolate your bed is a big decision and somewhat controversial. Here are the reasons you may or may not want to isolate your bed. When we describe isolating your bed that typically means you have:


DIY Bed Bug Control


  1. Inspected your bed and determined there are no bed bugs on the bed, mattress, boxspring, or frame. The best way to determine this is a thorough inspection with a humanclimb up monitor trap for bed bugs and possibly also with the use of bed bug sniffing dogs.
  2. Use bed bug tested mattress encasement on your box spring and mattress if you have to. Pillows can go in the dryer for two cycles if the dryer gets hot. If you have a steamer you can steam the bed frame and duct tape any openings, cracks in seams, etc. DO NOT PUT PESTICIDES, CHEMICALS, ALCOHOL OR DIATOMACEOUS EARTH ON YOUR BED, FRAME PILLOWS OR MATTRESS.
  3. Put ClimbUp Interceptor Bed Bug Traps on your bed legs to prevent bed bugs from climbing from the floor to the mattress and you.
  4. Wash and dry on extended high heat all bedding and pillows. If you can’t wash your comforter put it in the dryer for two cycles. WARNING: HIGH HEAT OR DRYER HEAT CAN DAMAGE COMFORTERS, PILLOWS AND OTHER ARTICLES. You may lose some possessions to heat damage. It becomes a choice between risking a little damage or bed bugs. (The Packtite also is very good for heating your pillows, sofa and chair cushions and blankets to 120 for 4-6 hours and killing all bugs and eggs)
  5. Move your bed away from the wall at least 6 inches and ensured no freshly cleaned bedding, blankets, covers or sheets are touching the wall or the floor. Nothing is touching or risks touching the walls or floor. Your bed is about to become an island sanctuary.
  6. Taken a shower or bath before getting into bed (every time) to ensure there are no bed bugs in your hair, or ears.
  7. Do not use your bed for anything other than sleeping now. Do not put books, purses, clothes, paper, ANYTHING but you in your birthday suit or fresh clean pajamas on or in your bed. Not even socks because they touch the floor. REMEMBER: They will go to the bed to eat, but they will not be able to get to you. Talk about this with your trusted pest control operator.NOTE: If you deny bed bugs their meals by sleeping in an isolated bed, they will go wherever you are, including the sofa, sitting in a chair, where ever you land they are going to follow you, day or night, lights on or off. I think they will do this whether your bed is isolated or not. I spent a lot of clean time in bed while I waited them out and so I wouldn’t attract them to other furniture.
  8. Get in bed knowing you can rest and sleep and that you have done all you can possibly do to start the end of your sleepless nights. Now you are in charge of the battle. Yes, they will come for you but they will not be able to reach you.

Do this until you have been bed bug free for at least 90 days. That’s no bites for 90 days. This also assumes you have or will either treat or store your possessions before putting them back in your living space. What could be more disappointing that re-infesting your own home. It can happen by reintroducing your possessions that haven’t been treated withing 18 months of your infestation. But let’s take steps to prevent that from happening.


Chemical treatment relies to a degree on bed bugs biting and feeding on you while you are sleeping.

After feeding bed bugs can be four times heavier and makes them full and drag their bellies on the ground. This is how they get the residual pesticide on them, as they do not “groom” or lick their legs.

If you don’t allow this to happen the entire process takes even longer.

Cinnamon does not kill bed bugs. Bed bugs are not affected at all by cinnamon.

If you are having chemical (Pesticide) treatment to kill #bedbugs you should talk to your Pest Control Company to discuss the best time to isolate your bed.

Benefits of Bed Bug Traps and Isolating your Bed

You can sleep! This is a big one and hard to resist if you’ve had bed bugs for some time and are suffering from sleep deprivation.


Drawbacks of isolating your bed:

The bugs will still be hungry and WILL seek you out in other locations around your home. This has the potential to expand the geography of your infestation. In an early infestation, most of the bed bugs will be living on or near the bed, however, there is never any guarantee they are all near the bed. They’re not that smart, they can get lost.

What does isolating your bed mean?

Applying bed bug proof mattress and box spring covers. IMPORTANT: Pest professionals advise if you can only afford one encasement, cover the box spring. Underneath and inside the box spring provide bed bugs with a private and generally undisturbed place to reproduce like crazy. This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t also nest on your mattress piping and seams, or in your bed frame itself, they would.

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