Episode descriptions for “Seduce Me” follow below.

    Tuesday, April 20
    Bed Bug”– Bed bugs reproduce in mass numbers. This episode explores the violent nature in which the blood-sucking baby bugs are conceived.

    Cuttle Fish” – Male cuttle fish play the field and often “sneak” into harems posing as females. Once infiltration is complete, the male liberally sows his seed leaving several members of the harem pregnant.

    Duck”– The female duck has a complex body. While males show dominance by forcefully mating with her, she chooses which male will father her ducklings by rejecting and redirecting the seed that doesn’t suit her.

    Salmon” – Life and death surround the reproductive activities of salmon. Babies are born into the decay of their dead parents’ bodies but manage to avenge their deaths by eating the parasites that attacked them.

    Snake” – Monogamy is the goal of the male garter snake – he’s got to be the only one. Once he’s mated with his female lover, his hopes are high that no other males come along to ‘un-seal’ the deal.

    Seduce Me” is written and directed by Isabella Rossellini. Produced by Rick Gilbert, Isabella Rossellini and Jody Shapiro. Produced in association with Sundance Channel.

Timed to the fourth season of THE GREEN, Sundance Channel will debut the five-part original series “Seduce Me” exclusively online at sundancechannel.com on April 20th. Directed, written by and starring Isabella Rossellini, the five two-minute portraits explore the unconventional seduction rituals of creatures ranging from bugs to cuttle fish. In the same vein as Rossellini’s multiple Webby Award-winning series, “Green Porno,” “Seduce Me” offers an entertaining yet informative look into the bizarre seduction rituals that often precede the mating process. Following its online debut, the series, produced by Isabella Rossellini, Rick Gilbert and Jody Shapiro, will be available on Video On Demand beginning May 5th and premiere on Sundance Channel on May 25th at 9:50pm ET.