If you have bed bugs (or if you don’t) you may have decided to get a new mattress and/or box spring to deal with bed bugs. Many people choose to add mattress encasements to their mattress and box spring if they have bed bugs, but often people feel better buying a new mattress. However, there are perils to doing so that you can avoid if you talk to your mattress company. The number one question you want to ask the mattress company is “will they take away your old mattress?”

Why is this important? What if on the way to deliver your new mattress they pick up an old mattress from a bed bug infested home and put it in the back of the truck with your new mattress?

Get the picture! Your new mattress could possibly be infested with bed bugs before it’s even delivered. If you are buying a new mattress, consider picking it up yourself, or hire an independent mover or delivery service to bring your mattress from the store. Talk to the bedding store before delivery and explain your concerns. You may be helping to educate them about the risk and liabilities of bed bugs in their trucks.

Many people, unfortunately, do not disclose they have bed bugs, so the mattress company may have no idea they have just commingled infested mattresses with new mattresses. However this news report will show there can be consequences to not taking precautions.

Mattress Companies Delivery Bed Bugs to their customers: Mattress Companies Delivery Bed Bugs to their customers.