Bed Bug from March 26, 2009

Bed Bug from March 26, 2009

There is a lot of confusion, tainted by fear as to what is a bed bug and what isn’t. I thought I’d post this image for your viewing..(not pleasure) well, to help you with your own identification. So you know what a bed bug looks like.  This lives in my freezer in a zip lock baggy. It’s dead. I keep it in case I need more treatment as most pest professionals won’t treat you without a specimen you can show them. So it’s my proof that I do indeed, let me say, did have bed bugs in my house.

First, THEY ARE NOT THIS BIG. This image is slightly magnified. Think 6 times smaller or a quarter inch long, very very flat like an apple seed. This is an adult, probably a male. Females are more oblong.

Notice the beady little eyes, that means you can’t trust them. (a little joke!) That’s a good sign, as two months ago, absolutely nothing was even remotely humorous. Things are getting better, no bites still.

Three weeks from last treatment, and it’s hot, in the 80’s, so this is the real test, eh?

Have found various other critters identified as mites, possibly a tick, but no BB in last three weeks. Even though that last sentence makes it sound like I live in the woods, I don’t. I live in the city, we just seem to have a lot of “wild life” of a much smaller scale, sometimes indoors?

It would be pretty hard to take a step back at this point, psychologically, I just so need them to be gone.

Think positive thoughts of no bugs in my house!