The FTC filed deceptive advertising charges, against companies that allegedly failed to back up claims that products containing cedar spray could prevent and eliminate bed bug infestations.

The companies under investigation for unproven claims that their cedar based products could prevent and eliminate bed bug infestations, sold their products to consumers for $30 a bottle or more. The charges state the companies exaggerated claims their that cedar sprays prevent bed bug infestations.

For people who are using DIY methods to eliminate their bed bug infestation, buying products that do not work as advertised, only prolongs their suffering and wastes valuable money and time.

Cedar spray in the correct dilution is deadly when sprayed directly on a bed bug. It is scientifically unproven that the sprays kill bed bug eggs. Many people suffering from bed bug infestations rarely see even one bug, much less all the bugs. So a spray that only kills on contact has one job.

There is no spray, nothing that will deter a bed bug from biting you, except physically trapping them. Climb-up monitors do a good job of that, and have been tested in university research labs for effectiveness at trapping bed bugs trying to get into or out of your bed. 

I see the traps as a preventative solution to avoiding an infestation even if you unknowingly bring a bed bug home.

As long as you don’t introduce a bed bug into your bed by putting bags, backpacks or coats on your bed, a bed bug in your room will seek you out. With traps on your bed legs, you catch them before they ever have a chance to bite you. 

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