I first discovered my infestation last November, although I am certain
they were in my home for at least two months before realizing what was
biting me. I had seven pestacide treatments from three different
companies (the first three from an incompetent company).

I had not had any bites I could attribute to bed bugs since April
2009, until two weeks ago. Even so, I couldn’t “know” that the bites I
have gotten in the last two weeks were BB related, but I have to face
that they probably are. Saturday I woke up with two bites on my face.
One on my eyelid and one on my forehead. I hoped they were mosquito
bites, but this morning there was a fresh blood streak on the side
(not the top, like I’d expect) of my fitted sheet. I still have my
metal futon frame bed in dog food bowls of murphy’s oil so they can’t
climb up, but somehow, I fear I’ve brought one into my bed.

I had just, after 3 months of seeming calm begun to be just a little
more relaxed around my small studio condo. My clothes are still in
giant zip locks as are 90% of my possessions, but I’ve been hanging my
coat and purse on hooks and not bagging them. Did I lay down on my bed
clothed without showering first and bring one with me that way. Was it
in my hair? I’ll never know, but I need to begin from square one

I am not in a very good frame of mind today. Tears coming easily. The
only “bright spot” in the current situation is it won’t be months
before I have an inspection and treat if any are found. I’m scheduling
an inspection by dog and a physical inspection of my bed this week.
That way I can keep their reproduction to a minimum, which of course
if the key to getting rid of them faster.

How will I sleep in the days ahead? Think good thoughts for me!