The dog is coming tomorrow to inspect. It’s been a rough couple of weeks waiting for my appointment. Are they in my house? Are they in my car? Is that a new bite on the vein on my arm? How does that song go? “When will I be normal again?” Wish me luck. Gotta go check the PackTite. I’ve been cooking everything again, just as I had started to relax precautions, it’s back to crazyland.

I will be so relieved to find out that I just have a good case of carpet beetles. I know they are here, I see them all the time under the microscope. They don’t bite, but if you have this lovely skin sensitivity from you know who, they can irritate you and leave an itchy bump for a couple of days. Distinctively different, than the two or more weeks bed bug bites can afflict you.

How are you doing?