Ok, it’s really close to 18 months since I declared (hesitantly) my bed bug infestation over, done, finished, clear, you get it. A LOT has happened since then, and during that time, that I haven’t talked about on this blog. I know that’s the idea of blogging right, to “spill the beans” but I’ve been hesitant. Don’t laugh but it’s partly because I hear there are crazy people on the internet and I don’t want to interact with them if I can help it. Not only that, but having bed bugs or having had them, can make you sound like one of those crazy people, so for lots of reasons I don’t or haven’t posted much in the way of personal stuff about me, your moderator. Being the poster girl for bed bugs here has made me more comfortable talking about the ordeal and how I feel about it, how it’s changed me, what’s come from it, and positive things have come from it, ironically.

There having been so much time elapsed since the end of the infestation and now, I’m going to do some catching up over a series of posts. I might ramble, or jump around in time, so it could get confusing but only for you. : ) See I’m smiling because I don’t have bed bugs anymore, but I’ve really only embraced that “reality” in the last few weeks. Huh? That’s right, after all this time, I’m finally ready to say with confidence, nervously, but with certainty that I do not have bed bugs.

Yep the last bed bug I saw in my home was in June 2009, that’s how crazy they made me. How anxious, uncertain, fearful and worried that they were somehow not really gone. Why did it take so long? Fear really, it’s that simple, and a series of small random but creepy events that made it hard to know “are they really gone?”

So this is the first of many revealing events of the last 2 and half years or as I’m going to call it My Bed Bug Odyssey.