This is a story about a building downtown that recently had a large scale eradication. I can’t say that it’s due to my efforts, but I DO have a very good friend who lives in that building, The Biltmore, and I DID call Central City and tell them I knew some tenants had bed bugs. The individual I spoke with (this was maybe in January) said they had a “plan” and upon asking him to elaborate, he then said they were “developing” a plan. That’s not the same thing, really.

So I called Public Health and they said the landlords could be fined if they didn’t take care of it in a reasonable amount of time. Knowing my friend’s neighbor had been trying to get relief for over a year, I called CCC back and let them know they could be fined if they continued to do nothing.

Middle of February all laundry became free, meetings were held, trash bags distributed and the entire building was treated over a three day period. Now we know that one treatment won’t really fix things there, and we also know that some of the tenants are too dysfunctional to have properly prepared, but it’s a start.

As far as I know, it’s the first word about BB in our press.