Bed bugs once again had their fifteen minutes of fame on tv this month on the Netflix show Orange is the New Black.

While not exactly making bed bugs funny, there were many accuracies and well-made points during this episode, when the prison unit becomes infested with bed bugs. Below some choice examples and a little editorializing on my part.

1) You don’t think it was that used couch we brought in?” The guards asks this question and the other guard responds “Just tell them we got it a J.C. Penny”. A horrible abdication but not surprising because no one really wants to be that person. However, if you have bed bugs, and live in shared housing, or are having house guests, BE THAT PERSON. Tell, it’s in your own best interest.

2) Bed bugs are not the same as lice, scabies or crabs (as suggested by some of the other inmates) That’s right, they are not the same.

3) Yes, you do have to wash ALL THE BEDDING. Probably more than once. Best advice, just wrap your sleepy little head around the fact you will be working double time for a couple months, more if you let your infestation keep growing. Remember you can win this. Read about isolating your bed.

4) No, wearing a garlic clove necklace will not stop them from biting you.  Neither will lavender oil, patchouli, cinnamon or ANY OIL. Also, do not saturate your bed in alcohol, D.E., or any pesticides.