Rutgers University has produced an excellent bed bug video

This is a very good video introduction to bed bugs 101, their biology and examples of integrated pest management. Understanding both of these topics is key to ending your bed bug infestation sooner, rather than later

Understanding bed bug biology is key because their reproductive cycle is the single biggest factor in how quickly your infestation can grow. With bed bugs, timing is everything.

If you have bed bugs, the first important rule you absolutely need to believe is that your actions and decisions are what will solve your infestation. From understanding what needs to be done by you and how to choose and evaluate your pest control professional, and what products you need NOW to begin the end of your infestation. These are important factors that determine the speed of your success.

Being clear about how you and your pest control professional will solve the infestation using a variety of combined actions and products is the essence of integrated pest management.

There isn’t any “one” product or action to kill them, but a combination of pesticides, heat and behavior, often referred to as IPM or Integrated Pest Management.




Unfortunately, the more time spent trying to solve the problem yourself, the longer your infestation will take to end, mostly as a result of not having all the necessary tools to kill them with.

I lived through it and learned what to do, and what not to do. It took eight months, but I got rid of a severe infestation of bed bugs in my home. I’m passing my experience and the fact-based knowledge of experts on to you.

Let me know what you think about this video. Did it give you more information than you already have? Did it help you consider if there is something more you could do to solve your bed bug problem? Leave a comment below or ask a question using my contact form.

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